Understanding the Essence: What is the Total Altcoin Marketcap Excluding Ethereum?

The total altcoin marketcap is the sum of the marketcap of all altcoins in the crypto space. There are currently more than 1 million “altcoins” that range from scam tokens on Uniswap, to reputable and well-known coins such as Litecoin, and Solana.

While the majority of the tokens that are considered altcoins exist on meme tokens within layer 1 networks, the majority of the total marketcap of altcoins is held by the top 100 coins.

The Total Altcoin Marketcap metric in this webpage excludes Ethereum and Stable Coins. Since it focuses on Altcoins, Bitcoin is also excluded since Bitcoin is not an altcoin.

The Rationale: Why Exclude Ethereum and Stable coins from the Total Altcoin Marketcap?

Distinguishing Leaders from the Pack

Ethereum, since its inception, has consistently been a frontrunner in the cryptocurrency space, second only to Bitcoin in terms of market capitalization and influence. Its pioneering platform has revolutionized the crypto sphere, introducing smart-contracts and enabling the creation of thousands of decentralized applications (DApps).

Including Ethereum in the total altcoin market cap can, at times, overshadow the collective performance, innovations, and developments of other altcoins. By excluding Ethereum, analysts and investors gain a clearer perspective on the growth trajectories and potential of these lesser known but emerging cryptocurrencies.

Stability vs. Volatility - A Dual Perspective

Stable coins, such as USDT, USDC, and DAI, are designed to reduce the inherent volatility seen in cryptocurrencies by pegging their value to stable assets like the US dollar. Including them in the total altcoin market cap may give a skewed perception of the market's true volatility and risk.

Excluding stable coins allows for a more genuine representation of the market's dynamics, enabling traders and investors to develop strategies based on the organic movements and behaviors of altcoins without the dampening effect of stable coins.

Enhancing Analytical Precision

For the discerning investor, granularity in data analysis is paramount. Merging Ethereum, which operates almost as a separate ecosystem with its ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens, and stable coins, which function with a different objective, can convolute interpretations.

By focusing solely on the altcoin market cap minus these entities, analysts can derive insights with higher precision, cater to niche investment strategies, and provide forecasts that resonate more accurately with the altcoin market's inherent dynamics.

Trading Strategies: Leveraging Insights from the Altcoin Marketcap Excluding Ethereum and Stable Coins

Technical analysis can be performed on the altcoin marketcap excluding Ethereum chart. We can use classical analysis such as support and resistance and trend analysis to predict where the altcoins are headed using their combined marketcap metric.

Classical TA on the Altcoin Marketcap Excluding Stable coins and Ethereum.

The combined marketcap of all altcoins excluding Ethereum follows support and resistance. When there is a level of significant resistance, the combined market will probably get rejected. When there is a support zone, the combined altcoin market will bounce off of the zone.

We can use these zones as an indicator to predict where the altcoin market is headed.

In the image below, we show various support and resistance zones. In the future these zones may have a significant effect on the direction and movement of the combined altcoin market excluding Ethereum.

Support and Resistance in the Altcoin Dominance excluding ethereum

The Trend is your Friend Until the End: Altcoin Marketcap Metric

Using the altcoin marketcap chart excluding Ethereum we can get insights on the current market trend. We know from classical technical analysis that it is not wise to go against the trend. Selling on a bull market may backfire and buying in a bear market may lose you money.

Accurately understanding the current altcoin market trend, whether bullish or bearish may save crypto enthusiasts thousands of dollars.

Trend in Altcoin Marketcap Chart

Continuous Updates: The Importance of Real-Time Altcoin Monitoring

In the rapidly evolving landscape of cryptocurrencies, staying abreast of real-time market movements is crucial.

Continuous, up-to-the-minute monitoring of the altcoin market cap, especially when excluding influential entities like Ethereum and stable coins, provides traders, investors, and crypto enthusiasts with an unparalleled edge.

It ensures that they're not just reactive, but proactive in their strategies, capitalizing on emerging trends, mitigating risks, and seizing lucrative opportunities as they arise. With the crypto sphere's notorious volatility, real-time data isn't just a luxury; it's an essential tool for informed decision-making and optimal investment outcomes.

What Stable Coins are Excluded in the Total Altcoin Marketcap Chart Excluding Ethereum?

The total altcoin marketcap chart excludes almost all, if not all stable coins currently available.

Major Stable Coins Excluded

  • USDT
  • USD Coin(USDC)
  • DAI
  • BUSD
  • FRAX
  • True USD(TUSD)
  • Terra Classic USD(USTC)
  • PAX Dollar(USDP)

Other Stable Coins Excluded

  • USDD
  • Gemeni Dollar(GUSD)
  • FRAX
  • USDJ
  • Liquidity USD(LUSD)
  • Stasis Euro(EURS)
  • Venus USDC(vUSDC)

Other Stable Coins Excluded

  • VAI
  • sUSD
  • sUSD
  • Steem Dollars(SBD)
  • Venus USDT(vUSDT)
  • USDK
  • Euro Coin(EUROC)
  • HUSD
  • Reserve(RSV)
  • Celo Euro(CEUR)
  • And Many More!