Understanding the Altcoin Dominance Excluding Ethereum and Stable Coins Historic chart

The Altcoin Dominance chart, when we exclude Ethereum and stable coins, provides an illuminating look into the ebb and flow of the broader altcoin market. This perspective allows us to gauge the collective strength and sentiment surrounding altcoins in relation to the total cryptocurrency market cap.

By excluding Ethereum, one of the pioneering platforms with significant dominance, and stable coins which are typically pegged to traditional fiat currencies, the chart zeroes in on the dynamic and often volatile world of emerging and established altcoins. This specificity is crucial for traders and investors who wish to glean insights into the momentum and potential of the altcoin market.

Diving into the historic aspect of this chart, one can discern patterns, cycles, and pivotal moments that have shaped the altcoin landscape over the years. By analyzing these historic data points, investors are better equipped to make informed predictions, identify opportunities, and understand market sentiments that have influenced altcoin valuations.

This nuanced view, devoid of the influence of Ethereum and stable coins, offers a unique lens to truly grasp the evolution, potential, and challenges faced by the altcoin sector in the crypto space.

Cyclical Patterns in Altcoin Dominance

The Altcoin Dominance is a cyclical metric. This is because the altcoin market, and the cryptocurrency market at large are cyclical. It is mainly split up into 5 phases, whereas Bitcoin comes in 4 phases.

The general overall Crypto market moves in 4 phases of a singular cycle that lasts about 4 years. It starts at the bottom of the bear market, followed by sideways action, small booms and busts. As Bitcoin begins its grand run, Altcoins almost always lose dominance, which they regain at the top of the bull market.

The altcoin market cyclically is dependent on Bitcoin rallying, and also dropping in price. It is dependent on Bitcoin’s violent movements. In the Image below we illustrate the cyclical patterns of the Altcoin dominance which excludes Ethereum.

Altcoin Dominance Excluding Stable Coins and Ethereum

Why Exclude Ethereum and Stable Coins From the Overall Dominance?

This Altcoin dominance already excludes Bitcoin and stable coins. By excluding Ethereum we can see the valuation dominance history by other Altcoins separate to Ethereum. This can include coins like BNB, Cardano, Solana and Litecoin. Their combined strength as a percentage of the total market cap illustrates the Altcoin dominance excluding stable coins.

Crypto investors, traders and enthusiasts can use this dominance value to learn how much market dominance that all other crypto coins combined have.

Ethereum alone outpacing Bitcoin increases the Altcoin Dominance alone even without the other altcoins going up. By removing Ethereum we can see if In fact other altcoins are outpacing or are outperformed by Bitcoin

What Stable Coins Are Excluded in The Altcoin Dominance Excluding Ethereum and Stable Coins Historic Chart ?

Our chart excludes All the major stablecoins such as USDT, USDC and DAI as well as more than 20 different Stable coins, providing you a more accurate representation of the Altcoin Dominance Excluding Ethereum.

The Altcoin Dominance Chart excludes the following stablecoins, giving you more precise data.

Major Stable Coins Excluded

  • USDT
  • USD Coin(USDC)
  • DAI
  • BUSD
  • FRAX
  • True USD(TUSD)
  • Terra Classic USD(USTC)
  • PAX Dollar(USDP)

Other Stable Coins Excluded

  • USDD
  • Gemeni Dollar(GUSD)
  • FRAX
  • USDJ
  • Liquidity USD(LUSD)
  • Stasis Euro(EURS)
  • Venus USDC(vUSDC)

Other Stable Coins Excluded

  • VAI
  • sUSD
  • sUSD
  • Steem Dollars(SBD)
  • Venus USDT(vUSDT)
  • USDK
  • Euro Coin(EUROC)
  • HUSD
  • Reserve(RSV)
  • Celo Euro(CEUR)
  • And Many More!